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Creative sound by people who care. Our expertise and sound facilities can deliver the quality your project deserves. We offer a full sound post production service for commercials, TV, animations, drama, documentaries, radio, feature films, gaming and online media.

Latest News


    Well done to Christine and Joe form Desparate Optimists on their new film being screened at the Dublin Film Festival. Having long dreamt of making a biopic of O’Higgins, this wayward and wry documentary is the filmmakers’ attempt to realise this dream through a personal voyage into the idea of the cinematic location. Get your tickets here
  • Simone Rocha: Hong Kong Dress

    Linda Brownlee has directed a beautiful short film for NOWNESS, featuring Simone Rocha with audio post production by the team here at Fonic.

    The film takes Simone on a journey back to her father's birthplace, Hong Kong where she is inspired by elderly Chinese women.

    Click here for the full article
  • Google ATAP

    Project Soli is that wearable, but it’s not the wearable you might think it is. It’s not a watch; it’s you. Google ATAP knows your hand is the best method you have for interaction with devices, but not everything is a device. Project Soli wants to make your hands and fingers the only user interface you’ll ever need.
  • Ruff-Ruff Tweet and Dave on CBeebies

    The latest series to be completed at Fonic for Collingwood and Co is Ruff- Ruff Tweet and Dave. We had great fun working on this -its so cute! And don’t forget you and yours can also enjoy Ruff-Ruff Tweet and Dave online with all the games – racing and colouring – trailer and promos and not forgetting our radio podcasts, on the CBeebies website, which will also be going live soon.  Just a couple of song promos up there right now.  And  there’s A Fairytale Adventure on the CBeebies Storytime App. And as you keep adding to the viewing figures Barnaby T, if your little ones still want more, follow us on our new RRTD Facebook page for lots of fun posts and pics.
  • Fibre @ Fonic

    Fonic now has a dedicated fibre leased line, so no matter where or when you want your audio it's there fast. With up to 100 mbps we can stream anything securely, whether its a voice over, latest picture cut or a whole films Protools session, you don't have to wait.