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The 2020 EE British Academy Film Award winners have been announced and Grandad was a Romantic, by filmmaker Maryam Mohajer, which Fonic created the sound design for, won the award for British Short Animation.

This beautiful film tell the story of the narrator’s Grandad, who is a passionate romantic. She explains how he came across a picture of her Granny and decided that she must be the love of his life, however, despite their marriage and family together, his boundless romance never dies and leads him to make some reckless decisions.

We are so proud to have been part of the creation of this unique and wonderful film and this incredible recognition is very much deserved. We are also very grateful to Maryam for thanking us in her eloquent acceptance speech:

You can see Grandad was a Romantic and discover more of Maryam’s work here: 

We are always keen to help independent film makers with their projects, no matter the size, so please do get in touch if you feel we would be the right fit.

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