Foley Room

Fonic’s purpose built air conditioned foley room is hidden deep underground isolated from extraneous noise.

There are eight custom built pits divided by a non resonating concrete grid. Solid surfaces are concreted directly to the ground making them very solid and dead. Two sinks are fitted in the”foley kitchen” with running water and our cupboards are stocked with categorized props.

Award winning foley artists are always on call to provide sounds at short notice. The spacious, custom built desk can easily accommodate our experienced foley recordist and an editor.

Equipment includes:
  • Schoeps mics
  • Sennheiser 416
  • Digital preamps to 96kHz 24 bit
  • Pro tools HD 10
  • Neumann Microphones
  • 42" HD LCD Screen
  • 2 x 17"LCD spots playback monitors
  • Cellar full of foley props

"I've worked with Fonic for years, and they are quite simply the only sound studio I work with. Their prime concern is always creative and they bring lots of ideas to the table as well as technical skill."

CEO of Beakus