Sound Design

Fonic has 7 fully equipped Pro Tools HD sound design rooms.

With network access to 6 Terabytes (TB) of sound effects our sound designers have a wealth of sounds at their fingertips. Each room has sound design tools such as synthesizers, plugins and links to the recording spaces for live sound creation.

These rooms feed via our gigabit network to the mixing theatre so instant updates can be achieved therefore creating a faster work flow.

Equipment includes:
  • Pro Tools HD 12
  • Pro Tools HDX
  • Apple Mac Pros
  • 5.1 Dynaudio Monitoring
  • NI Komplete Studio
  • 6 TB Sound Library
  • iZotope Plugins
  • Logic Pro
  • Schoeps MS Microphone Setup
  • Fostex Location Recorder
  • Euphonic MC Control Interface
  • PMC 5.1 Monitoring
  • Ircam Software Synths
  • 8Dio Plugins
  • Nagra Sound Recorders
  • Digidesign Structure Sampler

"We have worked with Fonic to create our last three TV series, and will continue to do so for many years to come! They are not just sound designers - they are film makers. It's that mindset that make them the best in town. "

Tony Collingwood

Collingwood and Co