Versioning is an art in itself.

We provide casting and direction as well as all the comfortable facilities to record them in. We are passionate about this process. It can be hard work but very rewarding when it all comes together. We can deliver in any format to any specification. Please call if you would like to discuss more.

Equipment includes:
  • Apple Mac Pros
  • Protools HDX
  • Neumann Microphones
  • Neve Mic Pre Amps
  • 65" Full HD LED Screen
  • Blackmagic Video Cards

Fonic is heavenly to work with - they have given 'attention to detail' and 'going the extra mile' a whole new level of meaning. I have never enjoyed such reassurance working on a project from 5,000 miles away and cannot be more pleased to see the Monkey King stories coming to life in English with Fonic's magic. As Master Tang would say: Oh, thank you! thank you! thank you!

Alex Chien

Consultant for 'Tales from Journey to the West' & Toonmax Media A4 Studios, Beijing