Voice Services

Voice over and ADR is recorded in the relaxing, subterranean, air conditioned, fully sound isolated room.

We offer auditioning, casting and voice direction as well as voice over recording and ADR. The director can communicate via their own personal talkback switch or visually through the large sound proofed window. Picture is simultaneously fed to the artist/director on independent HD screens for sync.

We also offer Source Connect, a facility that enables remote recording and monitoring so our clients can listen into the session wherever they are, even if they are in a taxi in India!

Equipment includes:
  • Neumann Microphone
  • Schoeps Microphones
  • Protools HDX
  • Full HD Monitors
  • Dynaudio Monitoring
  • Neve 1073DPD digital pre amp
  • Source Connect

Fonic are thoroughly professional and accommodating. They approach projects thoughtfully and with great sensitivity.

Jonathan Bairstow