Chiptole “Back to the Start”


Client: Nexus productions

Director: Johnny Kelly

Type: Commercial


  • Pro Sound Awards 2013


  • Sound Design
  • Sound Mix
  • Foley


Willie Nelson, Coldplay, Chipotle and director Johnny Kelly have made a creative alliance with the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation to create Back To The Start, a short animated film highlighting the issue of sustainable farming.

Chipotle founder Steve Ells met with Johnny Kelly in London to talk about his passionate efforts to source food on a more sustainable and ethical basis.

Music legend Willie Nelson, well known for his support of family farmers, was a perfect collaborator for the music.

The pace and timeline of the film is captured beautifully in camera using traditional stop frame model animation techniques to track the life of a farmer. Filmed in one sweeping take the film was painstakingly animated over 4-weeks on one large all-encompassing model background.

The track has been released on iTunes with 60 cents from every sale going to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.

Fonic are as skilled and professional as they are a lovely bunch of people. Relentless attention to detail, incredible foley, and miniature chickens. What else do you need?

Johnny Kelly