Journey To The West

A4 Studios, Beijing


Client: Toonmax Media

Studio: A4 Studios, Beijing

Type: Animated Series


  • Voice Casting and Direction
  • Sound Design and Mix


In a fantastic world shared by humans, monsters and immortals, Monkey was born. Free-spirited and playful, Monkey wreaked quite a havoc using his supernatural abilities. Soon, humans and gods alike were in an uproar, they united against him and trapped him under the Five Finger Mountain.

The remarkable adventures are interwoven with friendship and love, courage and wisdom, human strength and weaknesses, daring deeds and comic situations. Our heroes are on their way to become the new icons of an all-time favorite tale.

"Fonic is heavenly to work with - they have given 'attention to detail' and 'going the extra mile' a whole new level of meaning. I have never enjoyed such reassurance working on a project from 5,000 miles away and cannot be more pleased to see the Monkey King stories coming to life in English with Fonic's magic. As Master Tang would say: Oh, thank you! thank you! thank you!"

Alex Chien

Co-Founder, A4 Studios, Beijing