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A new episode of Bellyfant has come out today, and you can watch here. In Beatbox, Bellyfant, the young orange elephant finds a camera and decides to record himself Beatboxing and dancing. That is until his friend Toaster, the Hippopotamus, catches him out and embarrasses him!

This is our second collaboration with Bellyfant, and you can watch the first episode, Cookie, here.

Bellyfant is part of the Gummibär cohort. Gummibär is a German international multi-lingual character and virtual band. He is a green bear and is the most popular animated character on the internet and the most viewed independent music artist on YouTube. He sings in over 25 different languages and has released CDs and DVDs in more than 40 countries. He has achieved platinum and gold status in more than 10 countries. Via the YouTube channel, Gummibär not only shares music videos but also a web series called Gummibär and Friends. Bellyfant is an independent series, but is part of the Gummibär world.

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