In Fonic

Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns have meant all industries and roles have had to adapt to keep working whilst at home, and audio post production is no exception.

Since March, we have been finding intuitive ways of working remotely, firstly at home and then once back at the studio with social distancing guidelines in place. We have researched and experimented with many options, and are pleased to announce that we are now set up with industry leading software Evercast. The program combines video conferencing and HD live streaming in one web-based platform, which means secure, real-time collaboration with clients that they can see and hear as though they are in the studio.

As we go into into 2021 and all the uncertainties it may hold, we feel safe in the knowledge that no project will be impossible if clients are unable to attend in person or more lockdowns are required. With Evercast we are able to offer the same high quality service that our clients are used to and expect from us.

With that in mind, Fonic wishes all our clients and everyone across the industry and safe and healthy 2021.

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