Peppa continues to find a safe harbour at Fonic.

Fonic, those masters of sound design, have been busy working on the latest series of Peppa Pig. The studio has been mixing and providing the sound on all the series since the first episodes. Their long-standing relationship with Astley Baker Davies, the creators of Peppa Pig, has enabled them to seamlessly transition to the show’s new production team. London based Karrot Animation that have just completed and aired their first four episodes of series seven on Channel Five.

The latest episodes have our porcine heroine all at sea, as she and brother George go on a cruise with their grandparents. Christopher Swain head dubbing mixer at Fonic notes, “ Peppa’s latest adventures have been great fun to work on. As the cold nights drew in creating a soundscape that captures the ambience of a summer cruise with a stop off on a warm tropical island has been very pleasant! Previously we had to create the sound of Peppa in a rowing boat and a pedalo but this was her first cruise. Even though we used a sound library for certain effects such as the ships toot our foley studio once again created a lot of the incidental sounds themselves. They created the sound of the children splashing in the ships paddling pools, the sound of the wheelie suitcases on various surfaces and they had particular fun creating the sound of the different sized animals bouncing on the trampolines. The final mix marries everything together to produce that distinctive Peppa sound”

After 350 episodes Fonic knows how to find the right balance within each episode to ensure that the series continues to sound just right. Indeed it has now become second nature for Fonic to create the Peppa sound. It might seem strange but knowing the length, volume and reverb of Peppa and her family’s distinctive snorts can dramatically change the feeling of a scene. It is this tacit understanding of the series distinctive soundscape that has enabled them to effortlessly work with the creative’s at Karrot Animation.

Barnaby Templer Fonic’s director notes, “Successfully creating the sound of the award winning Peppa pig series is a joy. Our long established relationship with the production company Entertainment One, guardians of the Peppa Pig brand, has enabled us to seamlessly work with their new animators at Karrot Animation. Continuing a recognised series could be daunting, but Karrot have been an excellent fit.”

A further 100 episodes are in the pipeline for the latest series and Fonic are ready as always to provide the sound design for each new storyline. Indeed with the birth of over twenty little piglets at Hackney City farm where Fonic are based if Peppa has any baby cousins in the future Fonic already have the sound effects ready to go!