Fonic is up and running with Dolby ATMOS in their dubbing studios.

After many months sourcing, designing, calibrating and installing the latest technology Fonic’s new Dolby ATMOS studio with the latest Protools software, the best outboard equipment and impressive PMC speakers, is now fully operational.

Fonic’s new set up is a fantastic addition to this London based post production company. Founder and CEO Barnaby Templer notes, “It is our ethos to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Storytelling and creativity also of course goes hand in hand! Our new studio offers clients a fully immersive sound experience that they haven’t heard before for their projects. We are providing Atmos content for features and broadcasters that includes Netflix, Amazon ITV and BBC. Which is all delivered to their industry standard specifications.”

One of Fonic’s greatest assets is the experience and knowledge embedded in its talented staff. It is this that makes the ATMOS studio so exciting. Christopher Swaine senior dubbing mixer states, “The setup we have created here is a huge step forward. These upgrades create limitless possibilities when it comes to creating exciting and immersive content. Using the high channel count now available to us, we can take a huge number of elements in a mix and move each individual sound around in a 360-degree

environment. But what has blown me away is the quality of the algorithms involved in the ATMOS re-renders. Taking an ATMOS mix and re-rendering it down to 5.1 has created impressive results. As a mixer, being able to spend time playing around with the system has been great fun. Learning how we can push the boundaries and hearing fresh new possibilities is what is most exciting and makes this job endlessly interesting”

The passion displayed by Fonic’s sound mixers is of most importance to clients and the capabilities that the studio now has no boundaries for ideas and creativity, making Fonic an exciting prospect for any production. With a number of projects lined up. Including a theatrical feature film they are just started mixing, Fonic looks forward to demonstrating the capabilities of ATMOS.



Fonic unveils new Dolby Atmos suite