Fonic services

Sound design, mixing, foley,
voice services, versioning and music

Sound Design

Fonic has seven fully equipped Pro Tools HD sound design rooms.

With network access to 6TB of sound effects, our sound designers have a wealth of sounds and inspiration to draw from. Each room has additional sound design tools such as synthesizers, plugins and direct links to the recording spaces for live sound creation. These rooms feed via our gigabit network to the mixing theatre, allowing instant updates and a faster workflow.

  • Pro Tools HD 2018
  • Pro Tools HDX
  • Apple Mac Pros
  • 5.1 Dynaudio monitoring
  • NI Komplete Studio
  • 6TB sound library
  • iZotope plugins
  • Logic Pro
  • Schoeps MS mic setup
  • Fostex location recorder
  • Euphonic MC control interface
  • PMC 5.1 monitoring
  • Ircam software synths
  • 8Dio plugins
  • Nagra sound recorders
  • Digidesign Structure sampler
  • We have worked with Fonic to create our last three TV series, and will continue to do so for many years to come. They are not just sound designers, they are film makers. It's that mindset that makes them the best in town.

    Tony Collingwood Collingwood & Co


Fonic Studio One is where all the hard work comes together, and the client gets to see and hear their at its best.

Relax in the air conditioned acoustically designed 5.1 studio, whilst the sound is manipulated by one of our experienced mixers on the latest Pro Tools HDX system.

Record voiceovers or ADR to picture from the isolated booth, which has full foldback and picture feeds. We can deliver on any format, and clients have access to our FTP and 6TB of sound effects.

  • Pro Tools HD 2018
  • Pro Tools HDX
  • Apple Mac Pro
  • Avid CI24
  • 65″ Full HD LED screen
  • 5.1 Dynaudio monitoring
  • 6TB sound effects library
  • Acoustically designed mixing environment
  • Our favourite time in a production is heading down to Fonic to do the final mix, seeing and hearing everything come together beautifully. Their enthusiasm is matched only by their great personal service.

    Richard Barnett Producer at Trunk

Foley Room

Fonic’s purpose-built  air conditioned foley room is hidden deep underground, isolated from extraneous noise.

There are eight custom-built pits divided by a non-resonating concrete grid. Solid surfaces are concreted directly to the ground, making them very firm and dead. Two sinks with running water are fitted in the foley ‘kitchen’,  and even the cupboards are stocked with categorized props.

Award winning foley artists are always on call to provide sounds at short notice. The spacious, custom-built desk can easily accommodate our experienced foley recordist and an editor.

  • Pro Tools HD 2018
  • Schoeps mics
  • Neumann mics
  • Sennheiser 416
  • Digital preamps to 96KHz 24 Bit
  • 42″ HD LCD screen
  • 2 x 17″ spots playback monitors
  • Cellar full of foley props
  • We asked for the sound of a piano hitting the ground from a great height. They'd actually recorded one falling from a first floor window! These guys really do go the extra mile to deliver you a fresh, authentic audio design. They love sound and it's evident in all of their work.

    Helen Stroud Collingwood & Co

Voice Services

Voice Over and ADR is recorded in our relaxing subterranean, air conditioned and fully isolated room.

We offer auditioning, casting  and voice direction, as well as voice over recording and ADR. The director can communicate via their own personal talkback switch, or visually through the large soundproofed window. Picture is simultaneously fed to the artist and director via independent HD screens for sync.

We also offer Source Connect, a facility that enables remote recording and monitoring, so that our clients can listen into the session wherever they are.

  • Pro Tools HDX
  • Schoeps mics
  • Neumann mic
  • Full HD monitors
  • Dynaudio monitoring
  • Neve 1073DPD digital preamp
  • Source Connect
  • Fonic are thoroughly professional and accommodating. They approach projects thoughtfully and with great sensitivity.

    Jonathan Bairstow Sherbet


Versioning is an art in itself.

We provide casting and direction, as well as comfortable facilities to record them in. We are passionate about this process. It can be hard work, but very rewarding when it all comes together. We can deliver in any format, to any specification. Do get in touch if you would like to find out more.

  • Pro Tools HDX
  • Apple Mac Pros
  • Neumann mics
  • Neve preamps
  • 65″ Full HD screen
  • Blackmagic video cards
  • Fonic are heavenly to work with. They give 'attention to detail' and 'going the extra mile' a whole new level of meaning. I have never enjoyed such reassurance working on a project from 5000 miles away, and cannot be more pleased to see the Monkey King stories coming to life in English with Fonic's magic. As Master Tang would say " Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Alex Chien Consultant for Toonmax Media a$ Studios, Beijing

Fonic Music

Fonic Music offers a full composition service from conception to completion. We are a registered publishing company and a member of PRS.

Our composers and musicians cover every style of music, and we also offer music sourcing and editing.

Fonic have provided music for TV, commercials, corporate projects and features.

  • Pro Tools HD 2018
  • Pro Tools HDX
  • Apple Mac Pro
  • Logic Pro
  • NI Komplete
  • Takamine guitars
  • Fender jazz bass
  • PMC and Studer monitoring
  • Neumann mics
  • Arturia synth
  • Avid S3
  • Audio Technica mics
  • Korg MS20 and Vocoder
  • Large selection of acoustic instruments
  • Ircam software instruments
  • 8Dio plugins
  • Moog synthesizer
  • Waldorf, Roland, Access, Akai MPC, Nord and Electron synths
  • Eventide, Lexicon, Ensoniq and Yamaha processing
  • Focusrite DAC

Expertly crafted.

Fonic provide tailored solutions to perfectly suit your requirements and budget.