Industry leaders in creative sound

We provide a full sound post-production service for
documentaries, commercials, television, feature films,
animations, drama, radio, podcasts, spoken word,
interactive and digital media.

About us

Creative Sound
for Storytelling

About us

Fonic’s ethos is simple: creative sound realised by a passionate team of professionals.

We are a boutique studio with a big reputation providing exceptional and award-winning audio, affording us a loyal client base. Established in 2004, we are nestled amongst animals and lush gardens in Hackney City Farm. As well as having an award-winning Italian café on site, the location offers a refreshing change for clients from the hustle and bustle of Soho.

Our studio includes five fully equipped sound editing suites, a Foley room, an isolated voiceover booth, and a Dolby Atmos acoustically designed mixing suite. In addition, we are affiliated with Point1Post, boasting a 45 speaker Dolby Atmos theatrical mix stage. This allows clients to finalise their mixes in a cinematic setting.

Hackney City Farm is a sustainable organisation, which Fonic fully supports.

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