All My Friends Hate Me – Reviews and Distribution news

Following its World Premiere at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival in June, All My Friends Hate Me received its UK premiere at the BFI’s London International Film Festival this October.

UK production All My Friends Hate Me ‘is a stiletto-sharp comedy drama nightmare’ (BFI programme notes), directed by Andrew Gaynord, and written by Tom Palmer & Tom Stourton. The film tells the story of Peter (Tom Stourton), a genuine but increasingly insecure 30 year old man who is cautiously excited about reuniting with his university friends for a birthday weekend. And his anxiousness might be accurate.

The film has been well received both in the US and UK, summarised below, and has been picked up for distribution via Super Ltd for its American release, whilst BFI Distribution have acquired it for UK and Ireland distribution.

Fonic work on the post production audio with Tim Bamber and we are so proud of the film’s success, especially as most of the post production happened in lockdown. We are pleased that many more audiences will get to watch this unique and funny film.

Reviews from both Tribeca and London International Film Festival below:

Loud and Clear’s positive review acknowledged the sound design:
“But All My Friends Hate Me is also its own thing, and it demonstrates it with a script that has enough irony to be hysterically fun, enough tension to keep us on our toes, enough emotion to be unexpectedly therapeutic, and memorable performances from all its wonderfully disquieting cast members. Not only that, but the film is also impressive on a technical level, with highly effective music (Joe Robbins and Will Lowes) and sound design (Barnaby Templer, of Unmade Beds), stunning cinematography (Ben Moulden, of The Drifters) and impeccable editing (Saam Hodivala) – even more so keeping in mind that the entire film was edited during the 2020 lockdown.”

Film Threat gave the film 9/10 review and wonderful praise: “Here’s one word to describe Gaynord’s gem: wow.”

Variety’s positive review explained the film as: “A funny, horrible, ordeal-by-comedy that may prove uncomfortably recognizable to anyone who has ever wondered why on earth every single other person in the room is behaving like such a knob.”

Moveable Fest’s positive review said: “It would’ve been enough for “All My Friends Hate Me” to be the delicious black comedy that co-writers Stourton and Tom Palmer set up in its first 20 minutes as Pete thinks he’s being gaslit and Gaynord films the manor as if he’s shooting inside a haunted house. But the already strong premise gives way to something even more interesting when there is real fear for Pete that he has outgrown his friends and any nostalgia he felt might’ve walking into Cleave Hill Manor falls away when he’s reminded that he might not have been someone he liked too much 10 years earlier.”

Nightmarish Conjurings positive review explained:
“The directing and edits do a stellar job of highlighting the acting and keeping the discomfort going.”

Screen Rants four star review described All My Friends Hate Me as a “standout” at the Tribeca Film Festival and concluded: “There isn’t a single moment that All My Friends Hate Me wastes, masterfully bringing all of the mysteries and foreboding discomfort together in an exceptional, if off-putting, end.”

Included in its round up of best films from Tribeca Film Festival, First Post summarised: “Ostensibly a comedy, All My Friends Hate Me packs in packs in more than laughs, using psychological thriller grammar to maintain a tense rhythm throughout.”

Back Seat Mafia acknowledged that “the way All My Friends Hate Me builds up suspense is impressive. It makes for an uncomfortable ride at times, but that’s the point.”

We Love Cinema positive review described All My Friends Hate me as “an exquisitely tempered and brilliantly dark and uncomfortable comedy-horror”

Mashable positive review summarised the film as “a wickedly hilarious, anxiety-inducing drama”

Little White Lies included All My Friend’s Hate Me is it 10 independent gems from the BFI London Film Festival 2021

In Review Online’s mainly positive review, concluded: “Ultimately, there’s something charming in its abrasive oddness, and in its slight earnest streak hiding behind acerbic layers”

Flickering Myth described the film as “…a movie that immerses its audience in a strange and fraught social arena. Often, it’s genius.”

Screen Daily’s review said: “Director Andrew Gaynord’s first feature veers between toe-curling comedy and unsettling psychodrama.” and “Accomplished in its execution”.

Film Int explained the film as: “A tetchy comedy of manners” and this mixed review concluded that: “Director Andrew Gaynord maintains an appropriate level of discomfort as Pete sinks further into despair.”

Bloody Disgusting, a horror film website, 3.5 review said: “Andrew Gaynord’s darkly funny feature debut deftly pushes social anxiety, tension, and humor so far that it becomes inseparable from horror.”

High on Film’s three star film concluded that: ““All My Friends Hate Me” grows aggressively uncomfortable without featuring elements of grotesque nature.”

One Room With A View four star review explained: “Gaynord is careful in how he layers panic and frustration, the film feels as directionless and protracted as an actual panic attack.”

The Review Hub’s three star said the film: “carefully creates an off-kilter tone”

Other significant press includes a listing in Rolling Stone for the Tribeca screening.

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