Fonic is equipped with Dolby Atmos!

Fonic is excited to announce that after many months sourcing, designing, calibrating and installing the latest technology, our new Dolby Atmos mixing studio with the latest Protools, the best outboard equipment and impressive PMC Speaker, is now fully operational.

With the growing demand for Dolby Atmos mixing, Fonic is now equipped with a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system consisting of PMC6 monitors for the left, right and centre channels, a PMC8SUB, and PMC Ci45 and Ci30 monitors (four of each) for the surround channels. UK-based PMC is a world-leading manufacturer of loudspeaker systems using the best available materials and design principles, including the company’s proprietary Advanced Transmission Line (ATL™) bass-loading technology, cutting-edge amplification and advanced DSP techniques to create loudspeakers that present sound and music exactly as it was when first created, with the highest possible resolution, and without coloration or distortion.

On the decision to use PMC Speakers, Company Director, Barnaby Templer summarised that it was the obvious choice; “As a leading sound design post-production house with a rich pedigree, we don’t compromise on the quality of our output or the quality of the technical equipment that we use in our studios,” He explains. “I chose PMC monitors for the new studio because I really like the off-axis sound they deliver. There is a real warmth to PMC monitoring and a wealth of harmonics that make them great to work with, especially over long periods of time. We are all very pleased with the audio quality the new system delivers. “All that Fonic has achieved has been made possible by investing in equipment and people with extraordinary talents and years of experience,” Templer says. “Our new Atmos studio represents a major upgrade and a significant investment in our future. Atmos is there to stay. It is what clients want and we needed to be able to meet that demand.”

Fonic’s new studio set up is a fantastic addition to the services we already offer. Our ethos is to put storytelling and creativity front and centre of our work, alongside with staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Now our new set up offers clients a fully immersive sound experience and taps into a new way of audio design, enhances the strong creative vibe that drew them to Fonic in the first place. Christopher Swaine, our senior dubbing mixer explained, “The setup we have created here is a huge step forward. These upgrades create limitless possibilities when it comes to creating exciting and immersive content. Using the high channel count now available to us, we can take a huge number of elements in a mix and move each individual sound around in a 360-degree environment. But what has blown me away is the quality of the algorithms involved in the atmos re-renders. Taking an atmos mix and re-rendering it down to 5.1 has created impressive results. As a mixer, being able to spend time playing around with the system has been great fun. Learning how we can push the boundaries and hearing fresh new possibilities is what is most exciting and makes this job endlessly interesting”. Our clients have already expressed their love for the new studio set up!

We are now providing Atmos content for features and broadcasters that includes Netflix Amazon ITV and BBC. Which is all delivered to their industry standard specifications. With a number of projects in the pipeline and some that have started which lend themselves to Atmos, including dubbing a new feature film, Fonic hopes to demonstrate in the coming months the capabilities of Fonic and Atmos

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