Hey Duggee featured in The Daily Telegraph

Hey Duggee featured in The Daily Telegraph

On 12th December, to coincide with the launch of the Hey Duggee exhibition at the Design Museum (21 Dec – 6 Jan) and the show’s fifth birthday, The Daily Telegraph ran a feature on the series by their Arts Editor, Mark Monahan.

Mark Monahan has a two year old son who loves Duggee, so he knows the series very well. He described the show as one of the great triumphs of 21st- century children’s television.

He goes on to describe that Hey Duggee has fashioned a garden of delights from the giddy momentum, the delightful animation, the excellent specifically written incidental music (by the duo Tin Sounds), the beautiful brought – in music by everyone from Bach to Rossinithe endless cinematic references and the wittily daft plots.

High praise indeed, and much deserved!

Fonic loves working on this epic show and we are really proud of the success and recognition the series is getting. Happy Birthday Hey Duggee!

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