Peppa Pig is getting Stanley Tucci through lockdown – kind of!

Life in lockdown…

Unusually many of us across the globe are experiencing and living similar situations at the moment. So taking advantage of this situation, publications are asking celebrities to give readers a day in their lives during lockdown.

For The Atlantic, Stanley Tucci was ask to share what he has been cooking through the pandemic, with an hour-by-hour account from one day, which also included some insights into looking after his young children. Of course Peppa Pig is part of his family’s daily routine and there’s a mixture of praise and hatred for the little pig.

“After their meal is eaten, sort of, the little ones are allowed to watch a bit of television. Dragons for him, Peppa Pig for her. (There is no question that my wife and I, along with many parents, wish the creators of that irritating animated swine a slow death, but they are so rich, they have probably purchased immortality. And yet at the same time, said pig allows us respite for half an hour or so every day. May God bless those creators.)”

It’s great to know that Peppa is known and watched (and loved?!) by the rich and famous.

You can read the full article on The Atlantic website.

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