Beneath The Surface: The Fight for Corals

Beneath The Surface: The Fight for Corals

Discovery Channel and Warner Bro’s latest feature ‘Beneath The Surface: The Fight for Corals’ bought together Fonic and creative music and sound design studio, AMBIT Sound.

‘Beneath The Surface’ allowed Fonic to showcase their talent for creating sound-scapes for any environment. The documentary focused on the remarkable work of the marine biologists and environmentalists working to safeguard the world’s coral reefs. In particular the film follows Salma Shaker, a skilled Saudi Arabian free diver, as she delves into the groundbreaking work around the undiscovered reefs along Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coastline, showcasing its unique biodiversity and integral role in supporting the global ecosystem.  

Laurie Shenoda, director of AMBIT Sounds, called on the talents of Fonic for audio post production. As well as the sound design, Fonic mixed the film in the main ATMOS enabled studio. Dubbing mixer, Christopher Swaine ensured the various voiceovers; background sounds and Laurie Shenoda’s score were perfectly balanced. Discussing the documentary Christopher observed, “One of the greatest things about working for Fonic is the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects. Whether it‘s animated shorts, feature films, commercials or documentaries. The latter are always interesting as we learn a lot about fascinating subjects in the process.”

Laurie, who was also the sound supervisor for the film, is no stranger to Fonic having worked together on a wide range of commercials over the years. Building enduring relationships is always the goal for Fonic, as over time it provides smooth running processes and understanding of auditory language and workflow, which in turn provides a more enjoyable experience for the clients.

‘Beneath The Surface: The Fight for Corals’ was released exclusively on Discovery and Discovery+  via Saudi Arabia’s stc/Jawwy tv to positive reviews on the 22nd of April to coincide with Earth Day, with a preview being shown during COP28 in Dubai. The film will air on Discovery Channel across the US, Europe, Turkey, The Middle East, Africa, and Asia to cast the spotlight on the importance of protecting our reefs.



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