An Introduction to Fonic!

An Introduction to Fonic!

Fonic are a leading sound design post-production house with a rich pedigree. They have provided quality audio for production companies including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Netflix, Amazon, and Mattel amongst many others. They have worked with advertisers representing major brands that include Jaguar, Rolex, Land Rover, Kellogg’s, Yakult and Chipotle’s recent award-winning commercial. They have worked on Feature Films, which have benefited greatly from Fonic’s approach to Sound Design and Dubbing Mixing, such as ‘Rose Play Julie’, which was voted one of the top 50 films of 2021 by The Guardian. Along the way they have been part of creative teams, which have won numerous prestigious accolades including Baftas, Cannes Lion awards and multiple Film Festival and Film Awards from around the world.

Founded by Barnaby Templer and Jake Roberts in 2004, the studio is based at Hackney City Farm, a wonderful rural oasis in the heart of London. “I didn’t think you were actually based on a real farm?” is a familiar saying from new clients. Invariably those new clients forge lasting relationships. A case in point is Astley Baker Davies the creators of Peppa Pig. Fonic started working on the first series of the award-winning show and continues to provide all the sound design, mixes and  deliverables on over 350 episodes and counting.

Fonic’s achievements has been made possible through investing extensively in cutting edge equipment alongside staff with extraordinary talent and years of experience. The studio boasts five fully equipped sound editing suites, a wonderful foley studio, and an isolated voice over booth. The latest Avid consoles, PMC monitoring and best microphones and preamps available. Soon, to ensure they stay ahead of the curve, their mixing capabilities will be increased to Dolby ATMOS. Working with Point1Post, cinematic client’s mixes can then be experienced in their 45-speaker theatre.

Fonic’s approach provides a service that larger companies cannot match. Their passionate team of highly experienced professionals can create sound tailored to a client. For example,  recently working with Trunk Animation, Fonic created the sound design for ‘Ramsbury Gin’. This campaign showcased the lengths that Fonic can go to gather a unique sound palette. Rather than relying on a sound library, Fonic went to Ramsbury Gin’s production facility and recorded all the sounds on site from the barley swaying in the wind, to the sound of the birds in the trees, to the quince falling into baskets. The resulting sounds were used to provide an acoustic character in the finished animation that reflected the locally based ethos of the brand.

They work on sound only projects too! Fonic have created and been involved with sound only projects including podcasts and audio books, including Anita Rani, ‘The Right Sort of Girl’ and NGOs such as podcast, Forced To Flee, for UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR. Their talent for helping voiceover artists and well-known actors has certainly been assisted by the lovely atmosphere provided by a city farm rather than the usual Soho jungle. Most importantly the studio also has great coffee on site, an essential for any creative or visiting journalist.