Rose Play Julie’s Variety review!

Rose Plays Julie‘s North America release happened in March 2021 via On Demand and Virtual Cinemas. Following its release the film received lots of positive reviews:

Jessica Kiang of Variety concluded; The most disturbing thing about the impressively disturbing “Rose Plays Julie” may just be how satisfying it is.

Kristen Yoonsoo Kim from the New York Times explained that; As far as #MeToo thrillers go, “Rose Plays Julie” stands out for its unpredictability.’

In the LA Times, Sarah – Tai Black summarised that; There is a fine line to be drawn between overbearing self-seriousness and exposed emotional affect. Irish filmmaking duo Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor’s fourth feature film, is a rare example of the latter in that it is able to shape its story with an urgent intensity that feels neither overbearing nor contrived.’

Sheila O’Malley for describes how the sound design was pivotal in building the film’s eeriness; ‘The silences in “Rose Plays Julie” border on unnerving, especially when placed up against loud clanging doors, the crunch of car wheels on gravel, any sound at all. There’s something very eerie about “Rose Plays Julie,” and the eeriness is not just a style choice to create a mood.’ O’Malley later suggested that The sound is extremely controlled, with silence dominating.’

Rose Plays Julie‘s UK and Ireland cinema release is still due to go ahead later this year.

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