The Future Tense reviews ahead of its general release

The Future Tense, the semi-dramatised essay film by husband and wife film-makers and long time collaborators with Fonic, Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy, has been reviewed ahead of the film’s general release on Mubi. The film is a humours and original documentary which starts with a personal dilemma, whether or not the couple should move home to Ireland and goes on an ambitious  journey exploring themes of loyalty & rebellion, identity and the relationship between places & people.

The Guardian‘s film critic, Peter Bradshaw describes the film as ‘an absorbing part of the Lawlor-Molloy body of work; a densely significant filmic text in which passion and pain are kept in check, but always simmering close to the surface.’

Little White Lies, provided another four star review and gave the film a ‘Little White Lies Recommends’, explaining that the film is ‘a searching film that is one minute endearingly daft, and the next bracingly sincere. Yet, like its makers (you hope!), it’s a film you come away from with a revitalised sense of the world and the questions currently being asked by thousands if not millions of people across the globe.’

A positive review in Screen Daily describes it as ‘a remarkably far-reaching picture’ and summarised that ‘it’s a fascinating, intellectually agile work that manages to be both intensely personal while also relevant to anyone who has ever questioned whether they really know their home country.’

The Irish Independent‘s four star review conclude that it is a ‘thoughtful, funny and sometimes profound film that is bound to make you think.’

Finally, Film Review Daily, three star review explains that ‘there’s some good talk here’ whilst reflecting on identity, mental health and what it means to be Irish’.

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