Yoto Player releases Thomas & Friends ™ The Steam Team Collection stories

The award-winning Yoto player is a screen-free audio player that allows children to listen, learn and play at their own pace and in a safe environment. Launched in early 2020, it was named one of TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Inventions of 2020. Yoto Mini, a portable player, launched in late 2021 won a D&AD pencil in 2022 for Product Design. The Yoto Card Store has over a 1000 titles from some of the world’s best creators, publishers and labels as well as Yoto Original content.

Yoto have just released a Thomas & Friends™ audiobook series, titled The Steam Team Collection, based on the Railway Series by The Reverend W Awdry, where listeners meet a new engine and how each engine arrived on the Island of Sodo (Meet Thomas, Meet Percy, Meet Nia, Meet Gordon, Meet Emily and Meet James). Each Thomas and Friends™ Yoto card contains four fun stories from the Thomas & Friends podcast and an interactive quiz, a new feature to Yoto. Each quiz has ten questions which are all age appropriate and based on the character they’ve just listened to. A great way to test listening and comprehension skills.

Fonic collaborated with Scruffy Dog Media to create the podcast, which the audiobook episodes come from and created the quiz specifically of the for Yoto stories. Fonic and Scruffy Dog have been working together since 2020 on the Thomas Storytime podcast series, but have worked together on a number of Thomas & Friends additional projects since 2010.

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