All My Friends Hate Me arrives at cinemas in the UK and Ireland!

All My Friend’s Hate Me arrives at cinemas across the UK and Ireland today. Here is a round up of reviews ahead of its release:

Ciinerama Film gave the film a five star review summarising it as one of the best British comedies in years: ‘It has a wickedly macabre sense of humour that is as hilarious as it is cringe-inducing, playing up that shared social anxiety and embarrassment ten-fold – we need more horror comedies like this’

BBC Radio 4’s Front Row – the channel’s flagship arts show – gave a positive review:

The Daily Telegraph gave the film a four star review: ‘With its watch-through-your-fingers cringe factor, this is an excellent black comedy of amiss-ness all round…. The whole film works a treat.’

Empire gave the film a four star review: ‘This is the cinematic embodiment of social anxiety. Impressively lean in its storytelling, it manages to wrap thoroughly relatable millennial neuroticism, laugh-out-loud awkwardness and a unique character study into a slick, brilliantly British, genre-infused package.’

The Times gave the film a four star review: ‘this savagely funny debut is a bleak riposte to an entire genre of quirky Richard Curtis-inspired “posh” comedies. From the opening shot, of ostensible hero Pete driving through lush countryside while warbling ecstatically to the MOR classic What a Fool Believes by Michael McDonald, the stage is clearly set for something special.’

Alice Jones also interviewed Tom Stourton for The Times ahead of the film’s release:

And Ellie Harrison interviewed Tom Stourton and Tom Palmer for The Independent, describing the film as jumping between ‘hilarity, menace and despair, is a sort of social torture porn that skewers posh millennial angst’:

The Spectator gave it a positive review describing it as ‘a vortex of tension and anxiety.’:

The i newspaper gave the film a four star review:’Unpredictable and drolly funny – often in a way that makes you grimace – All My Friends Hate Me hits on the subtleties of class dynamics with razor precision.’

Time Out gave the film a four star review:’The effect is like being in a pressure cooker of social awkwardness, building to a twist ending that’s borderline painful to witness. See it and you’ll want to give that next college reunion a hard pass.’

The Arts Desk described the film as ‘compulsively watchable, in an increasingly grim way’ in its three star review:

The Independent gave the film a three star review:’Here’s a film that leaves you with the same sickly, hollow feeling you might get spending time with the ghosts of your own past.’

The Upcoming’s three star review acknowledges that ‘It’s a skill to make a scene genuinely uncomfortable to watch, but All My Friends Hate Me manages to do it again and again’:

Finally, The Guardian gave it a fairly positive two star describing it as ‘a weirdly unrelaxed dark satire.’:

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