British Animation Awards 2024

British Animation Awards 2024

Fonic is proud to announce that three productions we worked in the past two years received awards at this year’s British Animation Awards (BAAs).

Firstly, The Debutante. Fonic recorded the voice talent and covered full audio post production on Elizabeth Hobb’s latest film which won best short film award. 
Based on a story of the same name by Leonora Carrington and tells the story of a young debutante who frees her friend, a hyena from London Zoo, so that it might take her place at her coming-out ball. Carrington (1917 – 2011) was a British-born Mexican artist, surrealist painter, and novelist and ‘The Debutante’ expressed Carrington’s feelings about the society she was being moulded to as a young woman in England, which was at odds with her defiant and more wild nature. Hobbs celebrates Carrington’s bold and funny story with using a rostrum camera, and drawing using many techniques and materials including ink on bathroom tiles, typewriters, watercolour on paper, butterfly prints and rubber stamps. The Debutante was produced by Animate Projects, with the support of the BFI, awarding funds from the National Lottery, and with thanks to the Estate of Leonora Carrington.
Elizabeth said of her work with Fonic:

“I really love the period in my productions when I emerge from the darkness and set off for Fonic. The discussions that take place with Barnaby, Chris, Sue and Rory feel like a real celebration of the work, there is both an appreciation of the whole piece and an attention to detail at every stage, from voice recording, to sound design, the beautiful foley, and the mix.
The animated films that I make are narrative but experimental, I use many unusual materials to create the work, and the characters and visual spaces in the film are sometimes depicted quite minimally, so the sound design has to work a little harder to both support the narrative and complement the materials used to create the work. Fonic always meet this challenge with their diligence, experience, creativity and skill and it’s always such a pleasure to work with them finding ways to tell unusual stories together.”

The short film, Beware of Trains, written and directed by Emma Calder, produced by Pearly Oyster Productions, Dhiraj Mahey & Harriet Titlowand and funded by BFI won the Best Cutting Edge project. The film explores the voyeuristic culture of fear and uncertainty and tells a story of a woman with extreme anxiety which is devoured by four major preoccupations: a man she met by chance on a train, her dying father, her daughter’s safety, and the murder she dreams she has committed. Fonic recorded the voice artists and provided the final mix.

Finally, winner of the Best Children Animated series was The Rubbish World of Dave Spud, a comedy adventure series for CITV created by Director Edward Foster (Little Princess) and produced by Iain Harvey (The Snowman, Father Christmas, Little Princess) at The Illuminated Film. The series follows the misadventures of underdog Dave Spud and his family, including Gareth the Starfish and one eyed, flea ridden Fuzzypeg the dog. They embark on some extraordinary expeditions mainly bought about because Dave is Grimsby’s magnet for disaster. However, he fights against the odds, as he knows that no matter how rubbish things get, there is always room for them to get worse. But Dave and his Spud family are united together so they will alway prevail. Fonic provided full post production on all three series.

Ed said following the win about Fonic’s involvement:
“One of the joys but also challenges of The Rubbish World of Dave Spud series has been that every episode is standalone and can, and does, go everywhere, but still requiring a sound world logic that makes the series feel united in tone and logic across it.
The personable team at Fonic always rise to the challenge of these constantly shifting narratives, navigating the balance between sound, music and dialogue. As I worked remotely and juggling the whole production needs/requests, liked to have the opportunity to receive premix’s early and respond in my own time, to try things out, gather mine and others – thoughts into notes and therefore get things largely straightened out before the final mix day was brilliant and calm making.
It was useful to talk directly to Barnaby to make sure we were on the same page with each episode notes and see where sound could truly enhance the storytelling and add more humour if possible. The whole fonic team clearly do it with a lots of love, happy to try things, and was fun to try and enhance the comedy potential in sc’s. Working with the team has become one of the highlights of the long production process – I look forward to showing them the new episodes and then exploring those through our sessions together/or remote, and its this that makes me want to work with them over and over.”

Other projects that Fonic worked on and were nominated for the BAAs included Studio AKA’s Hey Duggee in the pre school animated series category, Kong’s Hairy Houdini in the Wild Card category and in Best Factual Award was Something More by film maker Mary Martin.

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